Hawai`i School Garden Curriculum Map

This exceptional tool was created by teachers and garden educators to serve as a resource for teachers who may not be gardeners themselves, but intuitively understand the benefits of inquiry-based, place-based, project-based learning for their students.

The School Garden Curriculum Map is a pathway to connect core curriculum in the classroom with opportunities for extending learning in the real world, the basis of both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. The Big Ideas begin with A Sense of Place, move to the all-important Living Soil and Living Plant, on to Nourishment, and finally Nature’s Design, encompassing the science-based cycles, patterns, and systems of the natural world.

We began by asking the question: What do students need to know about good food, the environment, sustainability, and nature’s systems by eighth grade? Then we created Garden Themes, Topics, and Learning Outcomes and linked them to suggested Garden Activities and Classroom Extensions. Then we aligned those activities with Common Core, NGSS, and Health Standards.

We hope that you will enjoy this living document, and that you will provide feedback and suggestions for improving its use for all the K-8 teachers in Hawai‘i who want to expand learning opportunities for their students.